New Controls Added For Dedicated Servers!

Greetings Everyone on this wonderful day!

Our development team has strived & added a lot of new control options for Dedicated Servers!

Ex. Reboot, RDNS, IPMI, & more!

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13th Feb 2019
Downtime HaleLine (7 hours)

Greetings Everyone,

HaleLine Shared ONLY: 

This announcement is a forewarning of a downtime that will happen on the 13th of November 2018, for approximately 7 - 8 hours.

from 1 AM to 8 AM.

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12th Nov 2018
Network Interruption Downtime For VPS'es On HaleLine 26

Greetings Everyone,

We apologize for the inconvenience of the 13-minute Downtime that happened today on HaleLine 26, a network interruption caused the downtime. The cause of the interruption was identified and dealt with! 

Wishing you a happy evening!

24th Oct 2018
2 Hours Downtime for users on Server No. 12 for Server Migration

We are extremely sorry for the downtime that happened today 25/06/2018, the reason is that we discontinued Server No.12 because of its Hardware Incompetence. Therefor, we migrated all clients who were on Server No.12 to our newest server, Server No.488, which uses the new NVMexpress technology! We always love to announce any trouble or event as a ... Read More »

25th Jun 2018
We acquired 7 Servers from France, Germany, TX-USA

We are pleased to announce that we have 7 more servers listed for rent! Check out our dedicated servers page to view their specifications! Click here!

24th Jun 2018
New Client Area Design

We are proud to announce our new Client Area design! It's more refreshing and inviting! If you notice any bug or fault please report it and you'll be rewarded.
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8th Jun 2018